Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The blog is dead; long live the blog.

Once upon a time, a composer created a website and a weblog, and owing to a tragic spasm of Congenital Do-It-Yourself Syndrome, he decided to administer the blog himself, within his own site, rather than farm out such low-level logistics to a site such as, say, blogspot.com.

He did this partly for the sake of uniformity (i.e., keeping the blog under the same domain “brand”), and partly because, as a defrocked graphic designer, he liked the tremendous flexibility that WordPress offered him to control the appearance of the blog site. However, every time that WordPress updated the software, it took the composer a disproportionate chunk of time to update the software on his website. And don’t even get me started about the time that the update casually botched the conversion of dozens of special characters (proper quotation marks, em dashes, ampersands, italics ...).
Today, while attempting to update the long-neglected blog, the composer reached and crossed that fateful line of complication, that final straw of frustration, and reached that moment of clarity in which he realized that rather than wrestle with downloading software updates, deleting old files, uploading new files, etc., he could instead spend that time ... whaddya callit? ... oh, yes: composing music.

Hence the new address, new look, and for the time being, absence of previous content. (Perhaps someday I’ll find the time to migrate it to this address, but said endeavor won’t rank high on my to-do list.)

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